Bernoulli’s Principle

Bernoulli’s Principle

Let’s explore Bernoulli’s Principle and his explanation on the physical properties of air using this demonstration!
Demonstration Activities

  • Floating a ping pong ball
  • Maintaining leverage in mid-air with diverse objects
  • Blowing a role of toilet paper across the room
  • Moving objects without contact.

A Swiss scientist named Daniel Bernoulli lived during the eighteenth century and decided to study a sect of physics that involved the relationship of fluidity speed and pressure. Through his observations, he developed “Bernoulli’s Principle” which states: “the pressure of a fluid [liquid or gas] decreases as the speed of the fluid increases.” Within the same fluid (air in the example of aircraft moving through air), high-speed flow is associated with low pressure, and low-speed flow is associated with high pressure. In the demonstration, the hair dryer lowered the air pressure around the object and increased the air’s velocity. Due to the phenomenon, objects are able to behave differently in midair.

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