Glow in the Dark Slime

Glow in the Dark Slime!

Not only do I get to share my famous slime recipe, but this time I have brought in a twist, glow in the dark! Lets explore phosphorescent liquids as we convert them into a new, fun, and tangible state!

  • Materials
  • 2 Containers (cups or bowls)
  • Stirring Utensil
  • Water
  • Liquid corn starch (sold in laundry isle at any grocery store)
  • Glue (School type)
  • Substances that have the ability to glow (such as glow in the dark glue or paint)
  • Black light (optional)

What to do
1. In the first container, pour a desired amount of liquid starch
2. In the second container, mix both the glow in the dark substance and water, to equal the amount of liquid starch in container one.
3. Mix container one and two and stir lightly (not fully) It is essential to let the mixture sit for at least five minutes.
5. After five minutes, stir the mixture completely, and let sit for am additional five minutes.
6. Pick up your creation! Enjoy stretching and molding with the substance.
7. Now, turn off the lights and utilize the black light to notice the glow!

Why does this work?
The substance made reflects properties of the popular silly putty, or slime. Unlike most matter, the glow in the dark slime exhibits both the qualities of acting as a liquid as well as a solid. The solid quality is shown by the slime’s ability to mold into a ball, and its ability to break. As a liquid, the slime takes the shape of a container and although slowly, has the ability to be poured. On behalf of the glowing properties, the phosphorescent characteristic in the slime absorbs energy and is released in a visible light form.

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