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The following are my most preferred iPad Apps for presenting material in the classroom.  Before the iPad I used to present my lecture by plugging in a Tablet-PC (laptop computer with writable screen) into the AV projector in the classroom.  Now I teach off the iPad in both a classroom that allows me to be wireless with the iPad and a classroom that I plug the iPad into an AV with an iPad AV adapter.

Good Notes

Currently this is my favorite app for presenting my lecture material.  Before class I use Dropbox download powerpoints (this app brings in them in as a ppt or pdf file) and in-class practice problems into Good Notes.  This app allows me to write on the powerpoints and practice problems.  I can add pages to my documents, highlight, enlarge, etc.  It has feature that allows for arm resting while writing on the screen.  The quality of writing is excellent.  I can save my notes on this app and put them back into Dropbox after class.

Infinite Whiteboard

I use this whiteboard if I want a continuous scrolling while presenting notes.  This app does not allow for bringing in documents, powerpoints, or pictures.  It’s only usefulness is it’s ability to scroll which is helpful when wanting to go back easily to a previous problem presented.  It’s writing quality is very smooth and pen colors can be changed.  The eraser could be larger.


This is a very easy whiteboard and the best for ease of adding pages.  It only allows inserting pictures so if you want to include documents or powerpoints you need to have these as picture files.  The writing is smooth and offers several types of “paper” from graphing to lined.  There is no eraser but you can delete a page or clear ink.  This whiteboard is also one that allows you to record your presentation, probably the best feature of this app.

Explain Everything

I find this whiteboard to be similar to Educreations with a few additional features.  This whiteboard allows a download from Dropbox of my any of my pdf files.  I do find the alignment is off on my powerpoint pdf files so this can cause the end slides to be cut off.  But I can write on my pdfs just like in Good Notes.  I find the writing to be smoother in Good Notes.  This whiteboard allows recording of my presentations.  It does have an eraser and the ability to enlarge slides.


The best feature of this whiteboard is the ability to be wireless with the use of another computer hooked up to the AV projector.  Because the classrooms I teach all have a front media cart with a desktop computer hooked up to the AV, I can use AirSketch to be wireless in the classroom.  I log into the provided Server Address on the front desktop and it then projects AirSketch (or students can go to the URL (sever address) to see AirSketch.  This app does allow pdf and picture inserts from Dropbox.  The writing on this whiteboard is not as smooth as Good Notes or Educreations.

AirServer: http://www.airserverapp.com/

This was the first program that I tested.  I found it works very well and mirrors the iPad similar to how it is mirrored on an Apple TV.  At times while changing apps the window of the AirServer program would change size (usually smaller) but a quick full size click in the upper right of the window put it back to full size.  There were a few apps that did get cut off, one called Infinite Whiteboard, but not too extreme.



Reflection is slightly different appearance in that the image projected is exactly the image of an iPad.  But, depending upon the app, the image sometimes minimizes to an iPhone appearance.  This was a bit confusing as it would happen with apps that were iPad (not strictly iPhone apps).  An advantage of Reflection to AirServer is the allowance for recording, both what is being produced on the iPad and projected, along with voice and sound.

Initially I was kicked off the wireless but that was a result of having a poor connection.  The IT staff installed a better access point with a private router so only instructor and not student has access to mirroring from devices.

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