Let’s Get Slimed!

I have recently found two beauty face masks that contain the main ingredient to making my favorite slime. So let’s learn a little science of making yourself beautiful, while being slimed!

Chemical Kim’s favorite Concoction… Slime!

Everyone is always looking for the best slime recipe. Well, this is it! Here is a substance that behaves as both a solid and a liquid and is great fun to play with. Enjoy!

You will need:

2 containers (cups or bowls), Stirring device (spoon), Water, Liquid corn starch (found with laundry items) or borax (dissolved in water), Glue (school type), Food coloring (optional)

Now try this:

1. Place liquid starch or borax (dissolved in water) into 1st container, add an equal amount of water and mix well.

2. Place glue into 2nd container, add an equal amount of water and mix well. For a change in color, add food coloring to this container.

3. Add the 1st container into the second container and mix just a few times. Allow mixture to rest for at least five minutes (very important).

4. Now mix again, this time extremely well. Allow the mixture to rest for five minutes again.

5. Now you are ready to place this amazing concoction in your hands. It is a bit like slime or silly putty. See how it stretches. Make it into a ball.

6. How would you describe your new concoction? Is it a solid or is it a liquid?


This concoction is commonly referred to as slime. I put it into the category of slime or silly putty. It is a substance that can not clearly be classified as a solid or a liquid because it has properties of both. Like a solid this substance can be made into a ball and you can break it apart. Like a liquid it will hold the shape of a container and it will pour (very slowly).

The glue contains something called polyvinyl acetate, something I’ve recently discovered as an ingredient in a beauty face mask. There is another ingredient also discovered called polyvinyl alcohol, which will also produce very crazy fun slime!

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