Magical Water & Mysterious Tablets

Just a temperature change of water can make for some fun science experiments. This is a great activity for young kids to learn about temperature, density, liquids, and gases.

Magical Water:
You will need: four small mason jars, warm water, cold water, red and blue food coloring, index cards

Now try this:
1) Fill two small mason jars completely to the top with cold water and fill two small mason jars completely to the top with warm water. Place blue food coloring into the cold water jars and red food coloring into the warm water jars.
2) Place one index card completely over the top of the blue water. Using your hand, hold the index card like it is a lid and invert the blue water jar over to of the red water jar. Repeat but this time invert the blue water jar over the red water jar.
3) With the assistance of a friend, remove the index cards at the same time, trying not to spill any water in the process. Observe how the water moves between the two jars.

Mysterious Tablets
You will need: 2 shallow glass bowls, 2 tall glasses, fizzing aspirin tablets (Alka Seltzer), warm water, cold water, red and blue food coloring

Now try this:
1) Fill 2 shallow glass bowls less then half filled with water placing cold into one and warm into another. Do the same with 2 tall glasses.
2) In the glass filled with warm water place red food coloring, in the glass filled with cold water place blue food coloring.
3) Invert the filled tall glasses into their respective water bowls.
4) With the assistance of a friend place one tablet into each glass that is inverted. Observe how the water level changes in both glasses.

The density of water at room temperature is 1 g/mL. which is a physical property of water. When a material has a higher density then 1 g/mL it usually sinks in water and when material has a lower density of water it usually floats in water. Densities of materials will change if you change the state of the material (liquid into a solid) and change the temperature of the material (warm vs. cold). With water you can see some fun science when you change the temperature and thus change its density. We find that warm water has a lower density then cold water. This is interesting because when water freezes it actually has a lower density then water.

Aspirin tablets fizz when put into water. This is the result of two chemicals undergoing a chemical reaction. The chemicals are sodium bicarbonate (which is actually baking soda) and citric acid (acid found in fruit). The combination of these two chemicals produces a gas known as carbon dioxide. When gas is produce it will expand and fill the shape of its container. These chemicals won’t combine until they are put into water. When the chemicals are placed into warm water they react a lot faster then when placed into cold water. This is because an increase in temperature increases the dissolving of the chemicals reacting and speeds up their reaction. Cold water slows down the chemical reaction.

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