Researching Science History in Central America

I just arrived in Cancun, Mexico to explore the area of the Yucatán and Belize. Besides seeing the sites, the main focus of my visit is to research the scientific knowledge of the Maya civilization and their abilities to develop and thrive on a sustainable environment for centuries. The initial visits will be very touristy, visiting open Mayan ruins that have had thousands of visitors, but still good history to explore and share. Along with my trip is my beautiful wife and two adult daughters. My wife is fluent in Spanish and had most of her childhood spent in the southern part of Guatemala where she was born. My daughter Robin is a recent graduate in chemistry and will be completing her student teaching in the coming school year. Robin is conversational in Spanish and has an interest and passion in science education, much like myself. My second daughter, Sophie has recently graduated from a high school that has wonderful diversity with 51% hispanic students. Many of her friends have ancestry to Central America. I am thankful for Sophie’s personal high school science education experiences to confirming the purpose of my project which is to bringing more contributions of the early Mesoamericans into science curriculum.


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