Spells & Potions of Harry Potter

Welcome witches, wizards, squibs, and muggles to learning Science through the Spells and Potions of Harry Potter. I am Professor Kim, the newest Potion’s Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and have been teaching Potion’s for over twenty years. My teaching experience has been primarily at muggle schools and so have a solid foundation in muggle studies. Because this course involves teaching both magical and non magical students, there will be limitations for the squibs and muggles taking this class. I highly encourage diversity in this course and so please many times I will be pairing magical and non magical students in the many spells and potions we will be learning. Most important is that science is learned by all and in this learning, magic can be experienced by everyone.

History of Potions

To the magical students this course is known as Potions, muggles would call it Chemistry. Potions (chemistry) started as a science known as Alchemy that started over 2000 years ago. The word “Alchemy” came from Greek philosopher’s appreciation for ancient Egypt’s sacred science. Alchemy was a beginning to understanding matter and its composition. Alchemy was a practice throughout the world by the Europeans, Egyptians, Chinese, Arabians, and Mesoamericans.

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