Chemical Kim
Influencer, Science Professor

Learning Science Has Never Been This Much Fun

Chemical Kim Influencer, Science Professor

With over a million followers on social media and 25 years of bringing hands-on science to the community and in the classroom, Chemical Kim makes learning fun, motivational, inspiring, and connective.


What Others Have to Say About Chemical Kim

The day you walked in with your periodic table converse shoes and showed us chemistry through fire, colorful reactions, and geekily and passionately explained what was happening was the day I knew I could. I knew I could handle this, I knew I was smart enough, I knew I could go as far as I wanted to go with science. You made chemistry fun, approachable, and took away every ounce of intimidation that previously held me back.
Ashley Stantz
Mount Pleasant, Michigan
I learned really cool science stuff I am able to implement with toddlers. So cool. Tonic water glows with a black light and if you dissolve the colored felt thing in a highlighter, it will also glow with a black light. Gotta say I think the tonic water was the coolest one though. Just had to share I love doing science stuff when I can with the little ones I teach.
Sarah Reese
Your chemistry class started me on the right track towards my degree. I went on after your class to take general chemistry and organic chemistry. Now I am in Biochemistry at WMU! Getting credits to transfer to get my doctorate in chiropractic! It all started from your fun class! Thank you for everything.
Heath Taylor
Marietta, Georgia
We will always remember meeting you. We love watching your videos and my daughter just told me you are one of her role models!!
Melissa Gayle Cole
Charlotte, North Carolina
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