Who is Chemical Kim?

Chemical Kim
Kim is known as Chemical Kim; a motivational science education speaker and visible LGBTQ STEM educator. Kim is
a full-time Chemistry Professor at Florida Southwestern State College and is a well known science outreach presenter. Her focus in teaching science has always been to motivate students to investigate their world through experimentation. Part of Kim’s science outreach involved being the resident scientist on ABC affiliate WZZM 13 My West Michigan, featuring biweekly science segments. She presented a blend of smart and entertaining science concepts which include hands-on activities for kids of all ages. Every segment featured her teaching a show host how to do science activities. These science segments provided kids with fun activities and the confidence to investigate science at home or in school. Kim also presents hands-on science at area schools and organizations through classroom and school assemblies. For the past four years. Kim has utilized iPad technology in both the chemistry classroom, laboratory, and science outreach. She has successfully authored a technology grant which purchased 32 iPads for classroom and laboratory use. She has lead several iPad workshops at local colleges and schools teaching on the integration of iPad technology in the classroom. Kim as a Bachelor of Science from Michigan Technological University, a Secondary Education Certification from Michigan Technological University, and a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Central Michigan University. She has received the Philo T Farnsworth Award for “The Chemical Kim Science Show” and the 2008 Public Media Network Spirit Award 2008 Kalamazoo, Michigan. Kim has been a Kalamazoo, Michigan LGBTQ Pride Co-Chair and continues to work in improving LGBTQ visibility to STEM education.

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  1. Chemical Kim

    The purpose of this letter is to ask you to participate in our Career Pathways Expo Featuring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM). This is a great opportunity to get more young girls involved in science and show case some of the ways that you reach out to the community. Kids First Initiative is committed to providing all children opportunities, despite their socio-economic background, to experience STEAM education. Studies have shown that exposure to STEAM education will not only help increase student engagement, but unlock both creative-critical thinking and innovation within our youth as well. Our objective is for every student to leave this event with a professional connection that will help them move along their career pathway and become a viable contributor to today™s ever changing and culturally diverse society. We have some of the best and brightest young minds in the world and we want to help them become productive global citizens. After the event is over students will have the opportunity to continue the conversation about the impact of STEAM on our society and their Career Pathway with young people from all over the world using Kids First online forum. We will hold a five day STEAM camp, where students will experience each of the disciplines of STEAM through Project Based Learning. We are not going to wait until the students come to us, that model is not working we are going to bring the wonders of STEAM to them.
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    Please view our 2014 Career EXPO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5DGBU5SIXw

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    Wednesday, May 27, 2015
    9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

    On behalf of those that will benefit from your generosity and Kids First Initiative, we are extremely grateful for your consideration of supporting this event.

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  2. Are you now in FL? I had hope to get you for a May program at El Sol, the KPS dual language school. We have funding saved.


    1. Hi Patti,
      Yes, I have accepted a Chemistry Professor position at Florida SouthWestern State College. I do appreciate you inviting me to El Sol, I love your school, the faculty and students are so welcoming! I hope you have a nice finish to the end of your school year 🙂


      1. Any suggestions of someone in this area doing work similar to yours?
        Enjoy the FL sunshine.
        Thanks for the response.



      2. I do have one person in mind but need to talk to them before I have you reach out to them. I will let you know in a day or two their availability.


  3. Kim, did I miss a follow up? Am holding off booking until I hear about availability of your suggestion.


    1. Kimberly Hilton April 13, 2018 — 6:27 pm

      My apologies for the delay in response. I inquired again and it appears the person I had in mind is unavailable in the Spring/Summer as she will be leading a STEM program in California.


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